Who we are?

This solution borns from a Joint-Venture of 3 companies based in 3 different countries: Europe, Asia and America. The goal is to provide a solution that is global and at the same time localized to markets that we know they have some specificities. It is our goal to present a solution that reaches the greatest number of people and for this we are growing in languages at the interface level of the solution.

But what is our knowledge of the area?

Uma das empresas integrantes neste consórcio é a KAMAE. A KAMAE trabalha na área jurídica, produzindo soluções de Gestão, consultoria de Marketing e Gestão e com ofertas de cursos on-line há mais de 20 anos.

With clients in more than 15 countries and consulting with lawyers from more than 45 nationalities, we have an incredible know-how to help law firms of any dimension, with a high incidence of small and medium law firms. Now it has released the challenge to two more companies and together they have created this global platform.